“This program, and especially Dr. Lenzkes, has been a godsend. I have tried every “diet” out there and have been successful, to a degree, but I was always hungry and every time I gained the weight back plus more. This eating plan has been so easy and satisfying and I am NEVER hungry. I can see myself eating this way for the rest of my life. And all thanks to my coach, Dr. Lenzkes!”

Sue C.

“Dr. Lenzkes of LowCarbMD helped me immensely. After following his podcast
and his dietary approach to health, I lost weight, my high blood pressure
dropped, and my debilitating eczema cleared up. What a difference. I now
realize what it means to be healthy. I am convinced I never was.”

Ash D.

“Met with Dr. Lenzkes, and, within one hour, I intellectually understood exactly what needed to be done to lose weight and improve my health. Six weeks later, I’m down 24 pounds, and my triglycerides have dropped by 77 points. Feeling great, fitting into smaller sizes and haven’t been hungry or had any cravings since we started. Dr. Lenzkes has been a lifesaver. “

Alan C.

“Wow! LowCarb has been like magic for Jim. With Dr. L leading the charge, he now weighs 215 lbs. However, that’s not the magic. The magic has been the improvement in his health from being off of blood pressure medication to his vascular issues. His cardiologist is impressed with his improvement as is his vascular surgeon. Jim is not only feeling dramatically better, but he walks with a bounce in his step. His brain fog seems to have lifted. Jim recently went through a life threatening episode with sepsis which he probably wouldn’t have survived without the improvement in his metabolic health.”

Jim and Ali J.